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Biggest Hurdles To Accurate Searching

Most of us have had some frustrating experiences with GPS. For me it was “take the next left turn in 100 feet” but I was on a highway with only exits on the right — and the next one was 3 miles away.

Then there was the time we were travelling 40 miles to a Christmas party at a friend’s new home. At a fork in the road that would take me east or west, the GPS was silent as if stumped by the dilemma.

Inconsistent Software & Data

Sometimes the problem is our GPS software is not as smart as it could be. Other times the software is fine but the data is not accurate or is not current. The same is true for your Title Plant.  Some Plant software is not very flexible or tolerant of data that might be inconsistent. But sometimes the data is so inconsistent that you can only hope you get an accurate result.

Bottom line — you wouldn’t want to start out on a journey with no confidence in your GPS and you shouldn’t perform a Title search with inflexible software and a database that needs to be cleaned up.

Under The Hood

At IIX we spend a lot of time looking at Plant Data “Under the Hood”. What we see sometimes is pretty scary. More than once we have said to each other, “I’m glad I am not writing Title Insurance on this Plant”.

But the good news is we can show you what might be wrong with your Plant and we will do that free of charge.

Checking & Fixing Your Title Plant Database

Common Title Plant Problems

IIX’s Vital Signs report identifies these and provides a pathway to fix them — the IIX Cleanup Task List. It is a comprehensive roadmap. You can follow it yourself or you can hire IIX to do that for you. If you choose DIY we strongly recommend IIX be the quarterback so you avoid the land mines.

Missing Documents

These can only be determined by having the correct book/record type, volume and page or year and file-number.

Missing Instruments

This is more annoying than dangerous because you have to find the images somewhere else on microfilm or at the courthouse.

Names Keyed Wrong

This is pretty common. Sometimes they are entered last+first and other times first+last. It can be tricky getting consistency with names, but IIX can help.

Properties Keyed Wrong

This is also not uncommon but more difficult to fix. IIX has a variety of tools available to assist with this problem and sometimes it is less expensive just to rekey the legals for some instruments. IIX can do that at a reduced cost.

Gatekeeper For Your Plant

You don’t want to spend a lot of time and/or money cleaning up your plant only to have it messed up because someone is careless in posting.

If you have a top-notch poster you are fortunate and know you will want to hold onto them.

If you don’t then IIX has over 500 experts who will key and post for you using blind-double-entry methods.

We can turn around your take-off in 24 hours after at least six experts have worked on every document.

Monitoring the Health of Your Plant

Even with the best people and the best intentions, mistakes happen. IIX’s smart software can monitor and report this for you. You can check your plant at any time to make sure it is squeaky clean.

We are always looking for new ways to enhance these reports and make them more meaningful and helpful to you.

We welcome your input.

Software That Works

When Your Plant Is Less Than Perfect

Power Searches

Having tolerant plant software is also essential. IIX Plant Suite software is very tolerant and can workaround most of the above problems.

Power Searches: Most Plant software programs assume that names will have been entered consistently and in the same order. IIX software is much more tolerant and has several easy work-arounds to handle this.

IIX will find the party whether it was entered as last-first or first-last or even with a middle name/initial somewhere. It will even find Bill if you search for William and will find Smith even if you spelled it S-M-T-I-H. Here is a summary.


Whether you are searching for party names or subdivisions or even notes, IIX has a very powerful way to find everything you are looking for. If it is in the plant, IIX can find it no matter how it was entered.

You may have heard of “fuzzy searches” on the web.  IIX takes this concept a few steps further.  Assume the same individual was entered for different instruments as:

  1. “JOHN SMITH” or
  2. “JOHN Q. SMITH” or
  3. “SMITH Q. JOHN”
  4. With or without commas or even as “JOHN X.Y.Z. SMITHERS”

IIX will find it for you when you search for “JOHN+SMITH” — that’s it.  You don’t need to enter it any other way. IIX will find all the above. There are also many other nifty ways (e.g. if you don’t want “SMITHERS” above) but it is best to show you in training rather than tell you here.


This is a technical term for finding names that sound alike. It is based on a phonetic formula that builds the same code for names that “sound” alike.

It can get pretty complicated but the technique has been around for decades. If you want a deep dive click here.

You should know that IIX implements three different formulas for Soundex to maximize the benefit for you and it does it for each individual “word” in a name which makes it even more powerful.

It is easier to understand with an example. In the adjacent chart, the words in green have the same Soundex value. So if you searched for anyone of them with Soundex turned on you would find all of them.

Similarly the words in blue all have the same Soundex value so you would find all of them if you searched for any of them.


This is like handling nicknames. Bill, William, Will, Willy, Willie or Tony, Anthony, Antony, Toni.

Imagine having to think of all the variations of nicknames before you were confident you searched them all.

IIX even gives you the ability to modify this list in case you come across other uncommon nicknames.  You are always in the driver’s seat.

Flexible Runsheets

Flexible Runsheets. Everyone has their preferred way of searching and IIX will accommodate all those methods. Some search by party then search again by property then combine the searches. Others prefer to search by party AND property at the same time.

Because IIX saves all the searches as Runsheets you can manipulate them any way you wish. We also save all the searches so you can re-execute them whenever you wish.

For example, let’s say you completed your title search on April 30 but closed on June 15.  You could re-execute the morning of June 15 and just report the fall out between those two dates just in case any other pertinent documents were filed.

There’s more but I think you get the idea. If you have IIX convert your current Plant for free (and without obligation) you will get to experiment with this powerful software system (again) free for 30 days and compare it with your current plant. I don’t think any other Plant software vendor will do that for you.

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