7 Common Plant Problems.
iiExperts Can Fix Them All.

Plant Diagnosis

Have you ever done this? Before a big road trip, you take your car in to the mechanic — just to be sure.  Your mechanic gives you a report of everything that could be a problem.  Now you know what to fix. When you hit the road, it feels good to know that you’ve taken care of everything and you’re not going to break down. You’ve avoided a crisis.

This is what IIX will give you: a diagnosis of what might be wrong with your plant — before it causes a big problem. And even more importantly, how to fix it.

At no charge IIX will build a Cleanup Task List that lays out what needs to be done to fix your plant. There will be estimates for each step and you will get to choose if you want your team to fix these problems or if you want to hire IIX to help you.

See Below For Seven Problems That An IIX Diagnosis Will Uncover:

Once all these problems are fixed in your plant you will want to have a plan to keep them from happening again in the future. More on that in the next step of the IIX story.

Missing Documents

Lurking Problems

Documents can be missing from your plant for a variety of reasons. You may have converted to your current Plant from another computerized Plant system and that may have had documents missing.

Or maybe you built your plant from old Card Files that dated back a century or more — and written and maybe some were misplaced or lost.

Documents can go missing because we are all human and we make mistakes. You are in the middle of posting, get a phone call, you thought you had finished posting a document so you move on to the next one.

Or maybe you missed keying a grantor/grantee or maybe a property. Imagine what that will do to the integrity of your searches.

Missing Information

The real problem is that your search assumes that all the documents you are searching exist somewhere in your Plant. And that may not be the case.

A Huge Gamble

I know you usually search more than one way — just in case. But if the document is not in your Plant you are not going to find it. Simple as that. So it represents a huge gamble when you issue “Clear Title” and you could be exposing your company to a big financial risk.

As you know, that is something every title company wants to avoid in every way. IIX has the means to find and to fix the  problem once for all.

IIX Can Fix These Problems

There are several methods we use in discovery and several solutions to fix the problems. Which method we recommend will depend on what we find.

But you can count on this: we can find and fix these problems so you can once again search your Plant with confidence.

Missing Parties

It’s impossible to remember the party names of every document in our Plant. That’s what computers are for — right?

If your documents are not indexed accurately and fully by party name, it will be difficult or impossible to find the documents you need.

Documents where this has happened can be hard to find but IIX has some tools to do that and get them fixed.

Missing or Mis-keyed Parties

The other day I was looking for some photos I shot back in 2001. I was in Los Alamos after the terrible fires. But I could not find them anywhere.

Fortunately, I vividly remembered the scene and was able to graphically describe it.

But it’s impossible for you or me to remember the party names of every document in our Plant.  No one would expect you to remember all that. That’s what computers are for — right?

What If There Was A Lien...

… for $50,000 on a property that John Q & Betty Smith owned but it was not correctly keyed as John Q & Betty Smith? Then again maybe it was keyed — but as John Q and Betsy Smith or Jon Q. and Elizabeth Smith.

Would your current software find it?  IIX will.

Bottom Line

If your documents are not indexed accurately and fully by party name, it will be difficult or impossible to find the documents you need.

Documents where this has happened can be hard to find but IIX has some tools to do that and get them fixed.


In some Plants husband and wife are keyed as a single party. Sometimes “et al, et ir, et ux or even et al” is entered. Other times names are entered as first-last or last-first and with or without punctuation.

IIX has tools to fix that too.  We will find all your names no matter how they are filed in your Plant.

IIX has many methods for fixing these issues. It is always better to have names entered correctly and consistently. IIX has many methods for fixing such names and get your Plant back to squeaky-clean status — and keep it there.

Missing Properties

Just like missing or mis-keyed party names, properties with the same issues can be a huge risk too.

Lookup Tables

Your property might be filed as Subdivisions (SD) or Surveys (SV) or Section-Township-Ranges (STR) or any combination of these. For each of these “types” of property filings there are a fixed set of values they should fall into.  IIX calls them Lookup tables.

If the Lookup tables are up to date then there should be no property posted to your plant that falls outside these Lookup tables. SD lookups can be further refined down to lists of valid blocks and lots. But most Plants don’t have this refinement. IIX has them all.

IIX Tolerates Misspellings

Of course, missing property is a big problem and very hard to find. A more common problem is that SD names are misspelled and may have been filed with or without Plat Numbers. All this can be converted to IIX as-is because we can make IIX tolerant of such issues.

IIX Finds and Fixes

IIX can also easily clean up the various ways SD names or SV names have been spelled. And we can identify when a Block/Lot is outside the valid ranges and fix them too.

Similarly, STRs that fall outside of the standard list will be identified and fixed.

There are many other variations of such problems and solutions, but I think you get the picture.

The best way to see this for yourself is to have IIX do that free conversion for you and let you look at our reports and try out IIX for 30 days free of charge.


Missing Images

No matter what form your images are in, IIX can join them to your plant and make things much more efficient for you.

See Images For Every Document

One of the really neat things about IIX is that we can join every image to every document. This means when you search by name or property and find 100 documents, every one of those documents is presented to you with the original images right there on the screen.

Any Which Way You Want

You can browse, rotate, expand, shrink, make them look clearer, change them from negative to positive, and perform any of dozens of other image “transformations” built into IIX. You can even look for “adjacent” images.

That means if you are looking at volume 100 page 121 and its 4 pages you can click a button and see the images for pages 111 to 131 while still on the same document. You can print, PDF, email or capture too – with just another click.

Images To Text

IIX has OCR built into the program. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. With OCR you can draw a rectangle around any part of your image (say the legal description) click a button and it is returned to you as text that you can paste into your Schedule B or C. You do it right there in the IIX Plant program.  It’s so easy to do.

When Images Are Missing...

IIX can often report these for you — especially for documents that are marked by volume and page. You can obtain those from the courthouse (IIX even has a scanning team we can dispatch to your county) and we can join them up to your plant.

Without images joined to your plant in this way, you have to go to microfilm, microfiche, or browse to images on your server or even walk over to the courthouse.

All that takes time and that can mean you close less orders on a given day. No matter what form your images are in, IIX can join them to your plant and make things much more efficient for you.

Spelling Variations

To err is human — especially when it comes to spelling. Our Soundex spelling technology is very powerful, and it’s all automatic.

Even The Best Make Mistakes

The problem can be compounded inadvertently by your poster — simply because they are human.

It's Happened To Me

My name is Tony Tooley.  But I have been called Tolley, Trolley, Pooley and Dooley (as in “hang down your head Tom Dooley”)! Let’s face it names are sometimes hard to get right.

I remember my first day on the job at a company in Australia. I was introduced to a supervisor as Tom. Although my boss corrected himself straight away, the supervisor called me Tom for the next three years.

Problems In The Beginning

Then you’ve got the problem of Clerks creating documents with misspelled names, right Survey names but the wrong Section-Block or Abstract number or vice versa.

My legal name is Anthony but some of them spell it Antony or Toni (probably because they have a relative who spells their name that way.)

The problem can be compounded inadvertently by your poster.  They’re all human, too, and we all make mistakes.

Computers Are Better For Some Things

There are jobs that we humans are better at doing and there are other tasks that computers are better at doing.

This is one task where the computers win. When it comes to weeding out names that are similar but should be the same or nicknames (Bill, Willie, Billy or William) or just plain old typos, well written computer software can really help.

IIX can find your names if they are entered as John Smith, Smith John, John Q Smith or Smith, John Q. or even John Smith (no spaces).

Our Soundex has 3 levels and is for each individual word in a name. It is very powerful — and it is all automatic. We have even done a conversion where there were no spaces between any of the names! Imagine trying to fix that.

We'll Find It No Matter What

IIX will find all your names no matter how they were entered and provide a way to fix them and keep them fixed.

It is always better to have names entered correctly and consistently. IIX has many methods for fixing such names and get your Plant back to squeaky-clean status — and keep it there.

Duplicate Documents

More Annoying Than Problematic

In my family we have four sets of twins. Most are identical and one is fraternal.

To an outsider, it’s hard to distinguish the identical twins. But when you are around them you get to see the subtle differences so getting the names right is usually not that hard for family.

Having Duplicate Documents...

… in your Plant can be confusing but it is much better to have “more than less”.

I.e. it’s better to have duplicates than to have missing documents. The usual fall-out is that your Runsheet is longer and the duplicates can be an annoying waste of paper.

A Little Twist

Sometimes one document has a Filenumber like “1987-001001” and the year of 1987. The other has a Filenumber like “001001” and the same year. IIX figures this all out for you and (if the other “key” values are the same, these will show up on the duplicate list too.

It can get a little tricky to figure these out when some docs in the Plant also have a Filenumber like “1987001001” (without the dash). But we find and fix those too.

Not True Duplicates

Sometimes these so-called duplicates have the same “key” values like Year+Filenumber and/or RecordType+Volume+Page. But the dates or the parties or the properties or the document type might be slightly different or one may have more details (parties or properties or images) than the other.

That makes them NOT true duplicates to IIX. This usually happens because documents were imported from two different sources who keyed them slightly differently.

IIX Can Fix Them All

We do all the grunt work for you and present you with our findings and recommendations before we fix them.  The TRUE duplicates (same values for all fields) are easy to fix. The ones that are NOT true duplicates just require your decision how you want us to handle them. Maybe the grantor in one duplicate is SMITH, JOHN Q. and JOHN Q SMITH in the other.

You might decide to just merge the duplicates and end up with both names in the final merged document. Or you may decide you want the names (and anything else that is different) cleaned before we merge. Same thing with properties.

Either way IIX can handle it for you. The big decision is deciding which of the NOT true duplicate documents are actually duplicates.  The rest is easy because we have done all this many times.

Duplicate Images

More Annoying Than Problematic

Sometimes this is just more annoying than problematic. It happens because you inadvertently posted the same document twice.  You weren’t sure if you posted your take-off so you did it again thinking that your software would handle it if it finds duplicates.

More Common Than You Think

This is more common than you think but IIX can usually fix this quickly for you.

First we check out the images and determine if they are identical and if they are referenced by more than one instrument. If they are then the fix is easy and fast.

Complicated Problems Could Be Symptoms

… if it is more complicated than that we produce a runsheet of the apparent duplicates and contact you to go over them and help us to make the right decision because this might be a symptom of another kind of problem.

Contact us below to get the ball rolling!