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Here Are Some Things We All Know:

Landman Interest In Your County Is "Seasonal"

There is an ebb and flow driven by the market price for energy (whether Oil, Gas or Wind). When it drops then so does the interest and activity of Landmen in your Plant.

Landmen Usually Have To Travel To Your County

And that generates cost for travel, hotel and meals. Plus it usually means time away from their families. If you can solve these problems, make their lives easier, you’ve provided real value.

Landmen Need To Be First To Sign A Lease

Time is always of the essence in locating and reviewing all the relevant courthouse documents. People are willing to pay for efficiency – if you can show them how.

Your Plant Is Of Great Interest To Landmen

This is because your Plant has much better quality indexes and searching it is faster and usually more accurate than doing stand-ups at the courthouse.

There’s a whole layer of value to your Title Plant; potential revenue streams that most are not aware of.

You don’t want to leave money on the table because you think it’s too complicated. It’s not. We can show you how to make the most of it.

What If…

You Could Set Your Billing Rates & Terms?

Not only will you have new revenue streams, you have complete control of how they are configured.

You are in the driver’s seat, not them. You decide how much you want to charge per hour, how much to print an image, to print a runsheet (or even if you want to prohibit printing of Runsheets)!

Landmen Could Only Access a Plant Copy?

You don’t have to risk your workflow — because Landmen would only access a copy of your Plant. It’s not going to bog you down or trip you up. And that copy would serve as an additional, online backup of your whole plant – offsite and accessible even by your team if your network ever went down.

Training, Support & Invoice Generation Was Handled By Someone Else?

…but always and only under your control?

IIX Has Done This For Clients For Years

Here’s a chance to put in a small amount of effort and get out a significant return, to create a new revenue stream.  Thomas Edison once said “Many people miss opportunity because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Less Work For You

So you don’t leave any money on the table if the Landmen lose interest in your County.

Email Your Own Invoices We Generate

The invoice contains all the details of their usage for the month. If they don’t pay you on time, you let us know and we set their profile to either give them a friendly warning or block them completely – whatever you tell us to do. If you are not able to collect, you don’t pay us. No risk!

You'll Always Have An Exact Plant Copy

You can rest easy knowing that you always have an exact copy of your Plant in the IIX Cloud.  The copy can only be accessed by outside people you approve of.

The copy is also accessible by your own people if your network should ever crash or become infected with a virus.

You Don't Pay For Additional IIX Licenses

So you don’t leave any money on the table if the Landmen lose interest in your County.

You Continue To Focus On Your Core Business

Closing orders and keeping your Plant current.

Landmen Won't Need Your Office

Using your facilities, desks, PCs, etc.

Got Questions?

We’d be happy to answer any questions you have. No pressure, we are here to help and even to show you how all this works. You many also want to ask us about the following.

How Much Do You Charge?

That all depends on the county.  We are fair and will do the best job you could ask for.  Call for a quote.

Is My Plant Safe With IIX?

Yes.  We host many databases in our secure facility.  With layers of firewall, anti-malware protection, hardware redundancy and backups you can feel safe in our hands.  

What If My Plant Is In A Card File System?

We can handle that too.  Take a load off your business and contact us below on how we can convert Card File Systems.

Can You Help Build Back To Sovereignty?

Yes! Call, email or chat to discuss.

Have A Special Program For Landmen?

We have a browser and a desktop version. Call for a demo!

Just contact us via any of the methods below – email, phone or chat. Zero Cost, Zero Risk, New Revenue Opportunity.