How Much Will It Cost?


We’re Experienced At This So You Are In Safe Hands.

We also think you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost.  You set your own budget and timetable.

Charged Per Box

The box charge depends on how many boxes you want scanned but $291 is the average.

You can usually put about 60 average size (100 pages) GF files in each double-banker box.  That’s 6,000 pages per box.

Asking Yourself...

“Why can’t I do this in house?” You can, of course, but we calculate that it would cost you about 38% more and take a lot longer.

Click here to see how we came up with these savings.

It Will Cost Less

Consider these other benefits if IIX does this for you:

  • No oversight on your end
  • No equipment on your end
  • No paper cuts for your team
  • No jamming for your team
  • No shredding for your team
  • No filing for your team

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