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A Reason For Change

There are many reasons why people change posting vendors and there are many reasons why they don’t. It’s all a question of balancing the pros and cons associated with change.

Below are some common reasons why people hesitate to make a change.

1. Things Seem To Be Running Smoothly

But it all depends what you mean by “smoothly”.  Here are three areas that are worth exploring.


You can only know if something is running smoothly if you really know the quality of work your vendor is doing. Have you ever compared their work with someone else’s so you can judge whether they are doing an excellent job, a poor job or somewhere in between?

Customer Service?

Your questions and needs are always a priority for us. The iiExperts team provides fast and accurate answers – in a respectful way – when you need them. We’d like for you to think of us as your back-office team of experts. You’ll be respected, and have your questions taken seriously.


If your vendor is charging what seems like too much, could that be qualified as “running smoothly”?

Do you have a current price comparison?

iiExperts can provide you one.

2. I Have A Contract.

If you are currently locked into an agreement, you may be surprised to learn that you might still be able to switch to iiExperts and also save money before your contract expires.  It all depends on what you are paying, when the contract ends, and how much keying you need.  iiExperts offers much more flexibility and can help you discover the savings you would make over the duration of your current contract.

3. Can iiExperts Make Change Easy?

We know it’s a challenge but we have a lot of experience helping clients navigate change. A great way to see us in action is to sign up for a free 30 day trial. You can decide after that.

4. Can I Trust iiExperts?

You are always the best judge of that. References can go a long way toward helping you determine this. Just ask for our list. We never prime anyone on our list so you are always guaranteed an honest answer.

Let's Talk

The best place to start is a short call. We can setup a conference call with your team. It takes 10 minutes and you can check us out and ask anything you want.

We promise there will be no technical jargon (unless your IT person wants to know about the technical side of things). We respect your time and your choices and hope that you take this step.

Let's Do A Demo

We can walk you through the whole process (or just part of it) in an online demo/conference call. We can use Zoom™ or GotoMeeting™ so you can have as many people on the call as you want. Let us know if you have a 20 minute window and we will set it all up. We think of this as a conversation where you tell us your needs, and we tell you what we can do.

Let's Do The Numbers

This graph below will give you a feel for how much you could save every year depending on how much you are currently spending.  If you let us know how many documents you have, we can drill down to exact numbers.

Let’s Do A Trial Run

  • No Charge For Setting This Up.
  • No Charge For Any Coding We Have To Do.
  • No Charge For Any Keying Or Posting.
  • No Interruption Of Your Current Service.

When the trial is complete you will be able to compare the quality and the savings side-by-side. This way you can make an informed decision perhaps saving your county a lot of money and delivering a higher quality product.

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