How It All Works


Work Flow

We have a process that we have refined over many years and it works seamlessly.  There are four steps.

  • IIX Builds a job for the filings at the end of each day.
  • IIX Keys the job.
  • IIX Corrects the job.
  • IIX Posts the job to your Plant.

1. Build

We create a job containing all the filings for the day. This Job is used to track progress through to the end much like a FedEx Tracker. We always know where the Job is at, how many documents there are and if there are any problems.

2. Key

IIX has a pool of more than 500 experts who key your data fully geo-indexed to the highest level of accuracy available in the industry (99.5% at the character and the field level). Our Three Teams of Experts do this.


The Instrument Team: keys every document #, volume, page, date etc.


The Names Team: keys every Grantor/Grantee.


The Property Team: keys every Property, Subdiv, Abstract, Section-Township-Range, etc.

3. Correct

This is the process of standardizing (aka normalizing) and researching, priors before finally updating the Plant.


Once you confirm the standard lookup tables (record/book types, document/instrument types, subdivision, survey, section-township-range) IIX uses these to standardize the posting. Some instrument details (e.g. properties, parties and document types are sometimes entered with different spellings.

In this step our expert posters make sure these details are corrected back to the standard names. E.g. you may direct us to make all Affidavit of Heirships = AFF/H and Mangolia Subdiv to Magnolia Subdivision. Your preference may be to have party names always stored as last, first, initial or you may not want the commas included.


I know I don’t need to remind you documents are not always prepared with the greatest care.

Names are not always transcribed accurately or consistently; property values sometimes transpose blocks and lots; surveys cite the survey name and abstract number or section-block and they don’t always correspond; section-township range values can be transposed because they often have similar values. Also, prior references are sometimes given requiring the property and/or parties to be pulled from that prior.

IIX handles all this for you so you can have confidence that your Plant is always accurate and you don’t have to deal with various spelling mistakes.

This saves you time and raises your confidence in your plant.

4. Post

Of course the whole point of Keying is to get the instruments fully and accurately indexed so that once it is posted into the Plant database it can be searched and retrieved with confidence.

Avoid Bad Searches

Sadly many plant databases are full of inaccurate or incomplete information. That makes searching a hit and miss process requiring you to search multiple ways to get the answers you need, hopefully.

Ensure Correct Information

With IIX top quality keying and expert posting, you can be confident that this next step will populate your Plant database with all the right information.

We Got You Covered

It can get complicated, but you can rest assured that IIX takes care of all the logistics involved in getting the data to your Host. We can put you in touch with clients who can confirm this if you have any concerns.

Contact us below to get the ball rolling!