The Blueprint

For Building Your iiExperts Title Plant
six steps


If You Already Have a Digital Plant

IIX can probably convert it to the IIX format in 24 hours! To confirm that, you can just tell us which system you have (e.g. halFile™Ramquest™Bytesmith™, Property Info™, Property Sync™, Title Scan™, Ultima™). If it is another brand, we need to see “under the hood” of your Plant (i.e. the database and maybe the programs) in order to confirm if it can be done in 24 hours. Even if your Plant is “home grown,” we have successfully converted many of those in 24-48 hours, too. 

We give you an option to have us convert your Plant even before you decide if you want to migrate to IIX.  You can then compare your current Plant with IIX Plant free for 30 days. We call this “Try Before You Buy™.”  If you like what you see, we will do a final conversion at no additional charge. 


If Your County Clerk (CC) Has Digital Indexes and Images

Many CCs have transitioned in part or whole from books to digital files. The first step usually involves scanning the books into images. Once that is done, the scanned books are indexed by instrument, parties, and property. Most of the indexes are good; sometimes the property indexes are incomplete.   

The good news is that IIX can take what the CC has and build an IIX Plant from that. We have developed programs to make the most of the CC indexing and isolate just those parts that need to be reworked. The Texas Open Records Act permits the CC to only charge what it costs them to export their data for you. This usually results in fees anywhere between $300 to $3,000, depending on the size of the county. 


If Your CC Has Microfilm or Microfiche

Many CCs who have not fully transitioned their books to digital files still have some, perhaps all, of their books on microfilm or microfiche. IIX can convert and index that for you. It is usually a two-stage process. The film/fiche is converted to images, then the images are indexed. Finally, we build a fully geographically indexed Title Plant, but make the images available to you while we do the indexing. 


If You Need To Scan Books at the CC

IIX has a scanning team that goes to the CC and scans all the books you need. Of course, we need the permission of the CC and must work around the CCs schedule. We have done that many times and are always careful to show the CC the needed deference and respect. We handle both bound and unbound books. Once we have the images scanned, we proceed to the indexing stage as for microfilm/fiche. 


If You Need Your Card/Tract Book Plant Digitized

Card file and Track Book Plants are still around! IIX will send our team into your office to scan onsite. You choose the degree to which you want the Plant indexed. At minimum, we will provide an index for each tab under which your cards are organized (e.g. for Name cards, you might have AA-AF, AG-AZ, BA-BN, BM-BY etc.; for Subdivisions, by the Name and Block, and Surveys by the Abstract Number). We have even keyed the instrument details on each card to render a fully geographically indexed Title Plant. 


If You Need a Combination of the Above

Often, the project involves a combination of the above. IIX will be your back-office as we build the Plant to your specifications.